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The Best End-to-End Legal Services
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Get the Best Legal Support With the Maximum Value

Bring Down Ops Costs

Reduce costs significantly by outsourcing repetitive and resource-intensive tasks

Stay compliant with future ready regulatory services

Get the Best Legal Minds

Gain access to the most qualified legal minds to review and draft contracts

High quality and timely legal due diligence, litigation support, and research

Leverage the Legal Edge

Accurate and quick turnarounds with well-oiled and efficient processes

Faster risk identification in contract clauses with technical help

Our Offerings

The MinusDispute Advantage

Full Stack LPO Service Offerings

We offer you a considerable edge in your litigation support function with our range of LPO services. We work with a hand-picked team of legal experts who are driven by excellence. 

Our highly efficient processes, developed and perfected over time, allow us to deliver high accuracy and low error rates.

Be future-ready:
Prevent litigation with iron-clad contracts

With our contract drafting, legal due diligence, and legal support services, you get clear, precise, and firm contracts that minimize litigation.

We draft contracts with win-win outcomes in mind and that leads to indisputable contracts that are safe from future litigations.

We keep an eye on upcoming and changing laws and regulations to keep our clients compliant with local laws at all times.

Advantages of Outsourcing Legal Services


Legal Domain is Complex: Legal domain has many core services, complex, and essential tasks. There are also an exhaustive list of secondary and non-essential tasks that directly impact the core tasks and are expensive to perform.


Resource Drain and Operations Cost: Almost one-third of the legal cost of a company or a legal firm is spent on the repetitive, non-core and routine work. Outsourcing this works to LPOs can free up resources and reduce cost.


Outsourcing for Better Efficiencies and Support: By leveraging quality legal experts, it is also possible to get support for core services like litigation. Law firms can now leverage the analytical abilities as well.

Who We Are

We are a multidisciplinary team of legal experts who offer best-in-class legal services. We offer all digital and operational legal support without saddling your business with high cost burden.

We translate our expertise in legal services, process management, and data extraction into end-to-end solutions for our clients. We increase productivity and deliver value to client by constantly evolving and learning.

Why Specialized Legal Services Makes Sense


Factors that make Legal Services and Solutions essential

What We Do Best

Legacy Contract Migration to CLM

We have more than a decade of experience in migrating legacy contracts to CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management). We offer end-to-end CLM services. We leverage our expertise with AI/ML to design processes and create efficient delivery models.

Contract Drafting and Litigation Support

Our attention to detail and legal expertise helps us draft contracts that cover every potential technicalities. This allows us to minimize any potential dispute or litigation in the future. Similarly, for on-going litigation, we can dive deep into research and discovery and flag relevant clauses.

Legal Due Diligence and Compliance Support

Our distinguished due diligence services are quite efficient and help you keep your clients and yourself safe from associating with any disreputable businesses. Our compliance and regulatory support keeps you current with local laws. We also consult in all aspects of Cyber Law.

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